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They say that "Architects are natural storytellers."

Thank You Past Self For Letting Go

Thank you for choosing to let go. Because saying no to past is saying yes to what is ahead of you. Your past story was never meant to be permanent. It was meant to be a temporary experience for you to learn and realize things. The memories might make you want to hold on and might pull you back, but knows that growth requires the process of moving on. Its nostalgic back where there are a lot of memories of victories and beautiful pictures but you must release it.

The life that is waiting for you, the work that you want to do, the achievement that you are about to accomplished is you without the past you but the present you. You can’t find happiness in the place of pain. You can’t grow in the same space where you died. Drop the past, you can learn from it but you can’t live with it forever.

Continue to take your steps, don’t be afraid. Don’t bring extra baggage that will slow the grip of your growth. Drop what poisons you that kills your vision and distort your character. You’re not losing anything, you just learn to keep what is really valuable. You’ll be fine. Release those toxins away and breath. Feel the peace without the weight of the past on your shoulders.


Carving Capital : Paete Laguna

Paete was named after the carving tool used for making a wood sculpture known as “paet.” The story behind the name of the town was an accident, when a Spanish missionary asked for the name of the town, the villager misunderstood the question. He thought that the foreigner was asking about the tool he was holding in his hand.

The name “Paete” is perfectly fit to the town since it is famous in woodcarving business. With many years of practicing the artistry , Paete was declared the “ Carving Capital of the Philippines” in 2005.

Wawa Park

The Lakeshore where you can relax and breathe fresh air. A beautiful place for sightseeing the mountains and rice fields around the town. It is officially called Wawa Bayshore it is a project of fishermen and Lakeshore community and supported by the local government of Paete.

Wawa Park is located at Paete, Laguna.


The Circle Hostel

The Circle Hostel is an environmental friendly in terms of using ECO BRICK or PET bottle filled with plastics inside as their wall parameter. They also trying to develop it as their aesthetics.

DSC_0011.JPG Continue reading “The Circle Hostel”


You Should Always Carry a Notebook

Random thoughts , random poems. 



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Paalam : Ang  Katapusan Ng Walang Hanggan


Isang tanong, di ba ako kawalan?
Ilang pagkakataon mo na din akong binitiwan.
Ilang beses mo na rin akong hinayaan,
Lumayo at akoy’ pinabayaan. Continue reading “Paalam : Ang  Katapusan Ng Walang Hanggan”


Kung Di Sya Ang Tamang Tao, Di Sya Ang Makakasama Mo Sa Dulo


Kung akala mo sya na, baka nagkakamali ka,
Dahil kung sya na talaga, hindi ka na nya iiwan pa.
Sigurado ka bang sigurado kana?
Na ang taong gusto mo habang buhay ay sya na? Continue reading “Kung Di Sya Ang Tamang Tao, Di Sya Ang Makakasama Mo Sa Dulo”


She Remembered Who She Was

She remembered who she was, her true identity and realized that she’s getting steps away to her future self.

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Kape Kesada|Art Gallery


We went to Paete, Laguna to visit some heritage structures and to know more about the place but as me and my team was strolling around we found this coffee shop + gallery. ‘Kape Kesada’ is named after the street where it is located. : J.V. Quesada Street, Paete, Laguna. Since it’s morning, we decided to come and visit to have some coffee. Here’s a sneak peak of the place.

26230753_1966059393423737_7289841018195882464_n Continue reading “Kape Kesada|Art Gallery”


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