Hello !

Thank You for visiting my blog.

My real name  is Maria Chrema Calderon Cabatic Tadeo aka “Emma Tadeo“. I am studying of B.S. Architecture at National University. I am a Filipina woman who loves her nation.

I am a random person.

I have a lot of ideas in my mind that I could easily forgot in a while. There are thoughts that keep on popping in my head and can’t stop it not until I write it down. I love sketches and imperfect drawings because most of them were made of emotions not by skills. I love staring at things that make me think a lot.

I am a girl who just love to tell stories that maybe you can relate on. I usually talk to myself and have a lot of side comments that I keep on myself.

I love being in the place where I am not familiar with. Learning things from experiences and reading. I love gardens and paintings.

I love traveling and conquering all my fears. Discovering new things and meeting people is my business.

I started blogging because one day all these writings will be  a reminder for me and for you. I hope you will stay that long. Follow me as I write stories that you might relate on.

This is a personal blog, a photodump and a place to share my experiences and thoughts about what I’m passionate about.

E  M  M  A

I’m here because I love stories.