Emma Tadeo

They say that "Architects are natural storytellers."



Year End Photoshoot

Cat Cafe


Mithi Cafe


December Shoot (First Time at Wild Life)

My Favorite

This is my First indoor shoot with my favorite photographer Ronnel Oares.


First Shoot November

This is the first time that I did a shoot as a student of National University. A first time to work with family. A pre-birthday shoot, debut 21st yay hahahahhaha

Morning Photo Walk Before Christmas

Photograph By : Jeff Taruc



at Pinto Art Museum
Photo Credits to Kevin Mitchell de Jesus

MAY 08, 2016



She is the girl you’ve always wanted to paint. Your morning coffee. The last book you’ve waited for a long time. The last episode you’ve been looking forward to watch. Your favorite shirt. The fragrance that lifts up your mood. She’s not perfect but you know how much you love her.
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