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They say that "Architects are natural storytellers."

Kape Kesada|Art Gallery


We went to Paete, Laguna to visit some heritage structures and to know more about the place but as me and my team was strolling around we found this coffee shop + gallery. ‘Kape Kesada’ is named after the street where it is located. : J.V. Quesada Street, Paete, Laguna. Since it’s morning, we decided to come and visit to have some coffee. Here’s a sneak peak of the place.

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To My Strongest Best Friend Since Birth


One of my favorite author says,
“I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

-Mitch Albom

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Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

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The DAY Before You GO

Everyone was excited preparing for this camp. They can’t even sleep because of their excitement that they felt. Everyone was talking about their team, things to bring, snacks to buy, their luggage, as well as their bus seat mates. But before we came up to this day, we do have volunteers behind who helped to prepare this camp for the participants.
Their hearts are really for every youth because they believe that “the youth with living God is the hope of the nation”. Before this day came, they fasted and prayed for this. True enough to the point that they already know that this camp will be successful. From the day that they planned until it happened. Their handwork and guidance made it happened under God’s authority.
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Let’s Walk Together


I have something to say,
I imagined us together walking in a bay.
telling stories about our current conditions,
and waiting for a little corrections.
I’m waiting for encouragements,
as I am facing a bunch of disappointments.
I’m waiting for you to pray for me,
Laying your hands and crying with me.
I cry to Him on bended knees,
Asking Him to take away the pain and tears.
God reveals His mercy,
and He let me see His sovereignty.

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Write As If..

Hi Emma ,

I remembered you and here are few thoughts in writing…

Write as if no one will read it.
Dream big, imagine wide and express as you see fit.

Write as if it is your last chance.
Hold tight to that idea by putting it in a page.

Write as if you loved someone so much.
Pour your heart and soul, give the reader what they need to know.

Rizal was holding a pen.. Not a sword

How fascinating that God gave Moses the ten commandments.. Mere words, not sharpened weapons
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MAY 08, 2016



She is the girl you’ve always wanted to paint. Your morning coffee. The last book you’ve waited for a long time. The last episode you’ve been looking forward to watch. Your favorite shirt. The fragrance that lifts up your mood. She’s not perfect but you know how much you love her.
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“The Broken Beautiful”

“The Broken Beautiful”

Ellie Holcomb
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Travel To Wander

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1

Travel to the “Tough” places that will test your character.
Don’t just travel to the fancy places.
Travel to the tough places.
Travel to wander.
Travel to learn.
Travel to discover.
Travel to wonder.
Travel to feel that you are alive.
Travel to meet new people along the way.
Travel to the places that will challenge who you really are.
Travel to be astonished by what your naked eyes see.
Travel to rejuvenate your soul.
Everybody says “travel,” but more people need to emphasize “to the tough places.”
I learned a lot more about myself through hiking.

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