One of my favorite author says,
“I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

-Mitch Albom

To My Dearest Mom,

I can’t thank God enough for your life. I just want to start this by saying “Mom, I love you , You’re the best person that I have.” I know that I don’t always say it but I do it everyday.  You’re the most important woman in my life. You are my hero since I was little until now. I know that it is not easy to be a mother, I saw how you sacrificed your life for us. You contributed a lot on what I am and where I am right now. You almost gave your all just to raise us. I know that you will stand with us through triumph and defeat.

I want you to know that I am blessed to have you in our family. A person who is loving, caring, understanding, forgiving, patient, strong and self-sacrificing. Your ways of being an example of a good mother taught me a lot. You raised me as a strong and independent woman, yet God-fearing daughter. You were the first one who taught me to pray for our family. The one who taught me not to give up on the things that I started. You taught me that it’s okay to have mistakes, but I shall learn from it. To cry when in pain and to wipe it out in kneeling down. You taught me to love the person even they don’t deserve. You taught me to choose the battle that I’m going to fight. You taught me to be me. To be by showing me how to be. I love you mom for being the best teacher that I could ever have. It’s a privilege for me to have you. I love you ma. I love you mom.

I’m sorry for the times that I failed you. For the times that I disrespected you. For the times that I get mad at you not knowing that you just care that much. For disobeying you at times. For all the things that I made you saddened. I’m sorry. I wasn’t perfect. I’m sorry I’m not showy. I’m sorry. I want to ask for your  forgiveness. Forgive me for sometimes I was the pain, the reason for you to cry. Forgive me mom for committing mistakes. You are truly a loving and forgiving mom.

Thousand of words I wanted to say for having you as mom, but two words will sum it up, “Thank You.” Thank You for everything that you’ve done for love. Thank You for your sacrifices, for giving birth to me , for nurturing me, for bringing me to school, for waking me up in the morning, for preparing breakfast up to dinner, for checking me up from time to time, for showing how much you love me, for waiting for me every night to come home, for being a strong woman for us, and for being loving, caring, understanding, forgiving, patient, strong and self-sacrificing mother for your three daughter. Thank You for everything. My words aren’t comparable to what you’ve done for me and for us.

I want you know to know that you are valuable. That you are significant. You are an important person in my life. And I want to end this letter also by saying “Mom, I love you , You’re the best person that I have.”

Your Daughter,

Maria Tadeo